Welcome to Hammerlot Games.

If this is the first time you have heard of Hammerlot Games you will surely wonder what it is or who we are. In this section we are going to explain some things about us.

In 2016 Ismael and Mishell embarked on a project together in Barcelona driven by their hobbies and created the Hammerlot Games brand.

The name of Hammerlot Games is the union of various mythological concepts. For the logo we were inspired by the powerful hammer that in many Nordic legends appears carried by a god. In addition, we also honour the Camelot legend after the name Hammer (Hammer-lot). Finally, we add the purpose of the brand (Games), to create and share with you scenery and miniatures for your games.

Do you know why our Hammer has a skull? We are a vampire and skull enthusiasts, so we decided to put a vampire skull with a small thunder mark on its forehead in the middle of the logo's hammer.

Hammerlot Games, has spent many years in the sector of scenery and miniatures for games and with each passing year we are expanding our catalogue.

Today, thanks to the team behind Hammerlot Games together with its creators, our scenery and miniatures reach all over the world.

We encourage you to enter the great halls of Hammerlot Games and find what you need for your favourite games!

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