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Dagon Idol
  • Dagon Idol
  • Dagon Idol
  • Dagon Idol
  • Dagon Idol
  • Dagon Idol

Dagon Idol: Gold

Unique and highly detailed Dagon Idol with hand-carved wooden box.

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Dagon Idol with great detail and authentic metal finish.

Each idol is protected inside its hand-carved wooden box, with dried natural wood shavings. So you can safely keep this collector's item.

Aged wooden box, with metal closure and hand carved the Dagon symbol and the Power Glyphs on the top.

The measurements of the idol are: Height 9.5 cm, Width 5 cm, Length 6 cm

The measurements of the box are: Height 7cm, Width 8cm, Length 13cm


  • 1 Dagon Idol Gold version
  • 1 Hand-carved Wooden Idol Box


It doesn't includes board and decorative elements that are not indicated in the contents of the pack.

Cthulhu Mythos - Great Old Ones: Dagon Idol & Cosmic Dice is a campaign funded on Kickstarter:

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